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Acrylic Nails Extensions. How to do and not to do?

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Before we do acrylic nails extensions for all customers, shall we give them advice of the product and briefly advantages and drawbacks of the product. Of course, we do.

I know what do you guys think right now? What are the advantages of Acrylic for the nails?

Acrylic is made by two product which are monomer and polymer. Both of this products mixed together will create a soft shape for the nails. Plus, combining of liquid acrylic. These products from time to time won't help your nails breath.

So, Should I keep doing acrylic often. We suggest yes or no. It depends on the nail tech doing and with your nails base.

The fair answer is you should let your nails break 10 days or two weeks after you take off the acrylic nails. You should get new set, then do 2 to 3 time refill. After that, it better to let your nails break.

The good nail tech will make-sure he or she done every single steps. Clean up the cuticle well. Not sanding much to the nails base. '

Glues the tips on the nature nails. Then, making the shape that you like. After this step. It is extremely careful to take time and get eye on detail for the next move.

Applying the acrylic powder on the nails. Slowly, and make sure they are great sculpture. Do not make them too thick, it won't look nice. Do not make them too thin, they will break easy.

After applying the powder, work from hand to hand to get them done. Re-shape, and use nails drill with different needle to clean up the cuticle.

Get shellac on or regular colour for client. Depends on how long they would like them to last.

After 2 to 4 weeks, client can come back to do refill which is usually cheaper than the full-set.

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