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Mobile Nails Technician

All You Wanted to Know And More


What is mobile nails Technician

A mobile nail technician provides the same fingernail and toenails care as a traditional nail technician except that the services are rendered in the customer's home, office, or other location. In other words, the mobile nail technician goes to the customer rather than the reverse. The types of services offered generally include both manicure and pedicure options.

How is mobile nails technician works?

We provide service to your home. Our team will be at your place. Make a reservation. We will send you the link to chose the colours, services, and bang!

Which payment methods do you accept?

We do accept all payment methods.

How do we sterilize the tools?

Submerge them in disinfectant for at least 10 minutes. Either remove them or leave them in a disinfectant jar on your station. If removed, place them in a sterilizer or clean draw. After sterilization, leave your nails tools in the sterilizer until you are ready to use them.