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Manicure Master Certificate

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At La Crystal, you will learn how to do manicure to its fullest extent. We will show you how to perform classic manicure, French manicure. A manicure is more than an indulgence. Pampering hands and nails helps to reduce stress. Hydrating hands and nails help to prevent nail fungus and painful hangnails. Manicures help to keep hands and nails clean and healthy. A manicure can be accomplished in 10 easy steps. 1. Remove any old nail polish, dirt, and oils with a nail polish remover. 2. Apply a cuticle remover onto the cuticles and let it soak in to the warm water. 3. While the cuticle remover is soaking begin filling each nail. To correctly file the nails it is necessary to file in one direction only. Be gentle with the strokes. Make sure the nail is smooth and even. 4. Using a pusher to push the cuticles back. 5. Soak the hands in warm water with a little lemon juice. The lemon juice helps to clean underneath the nails. 6. Use a gentle exfoliate on the hands to remove any dead and dry skin and the rinse. 7. Massage moisturizer onto the hands. While the moisturizer is moist, wrap a warm towel around the hands and let them soak for at least 5 minutes. 8. Buff the nails and swipe nail polish remover over each to remove any of the moisturizer's oils. 9. Apply clear base coat, then two coat of the colour. Finishing with the top coat. The best place to get a professional manicure is a spa or salon. Additionally, La Crystal nails and spa located in Ottawa, Canada

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